My First Hackathon

  • Hackathon - MakeUofT 2020
  • Co-Speaker - Vats Vanamamalai - Solutions Architect @ Solace
  • Location - University of Toronto
  • Audience Size - ~15 at the workshop; ~300 at the event w/ 12 teams of 4 students submitting for the Solace prize!
  • What happened!? - Vats and I put on a developer workshop where we showed attendees how they can use Solace to stream sensor data from both physical and virtual sensors on a Raspberry PI into Solace Cloud. Once in Solace Cloud we used NodeRed to subscribe to the event streams and visualize the sensor data. This demo was also used throughout the hackathon to explain how PubSub+ can be used to stream event data. Want to check out the demo? See the github url below.
  • Github repo -