ODevs July Meetup - “Modern App Architectures”

  • Talk Title - “Building Event-Driven Apps for a Real-Time World”
  • Conference - Orlando Developers Meetup - July 2019 - “Modern App Architectures”
  • Meetup Link - https://www.meetup.com/OrlandoDevs/events/262394428/
  • Location - Tree House @ Full Sail, Orlando, FL
  • Audience Size - ~90 (We filled up the room!)
  • Abstract - We live in an event-driven world. Events are a core component of all new business architectures and allow organizations to react in real time to an ever-changing environment. As software architectures shift to more event-driven designs, the usage of traditional REST-over-HTTP for communication can limit the flexibility and performance of distributed applications and microservices. This talk will discuss why this is the case and introduce developers to event-driven design.

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