My First Conference Talk was a success!

  • Talk Title - “API Management, Meet Event Management”
  • Conference - MuleSoft Connect 2019
  • Co-Speaker - Jonathan Schabowsky - Senior Architect, Office of the CTO @ Solace
  • Location - Marriot Marquis, San Francisco, CA
  • Audience Size - ~100 (with ~40-50 turned away due to room capacity!)
  • Abstract - Event-driven apps and architectures will be transformational to businesses when we have the tools to manage events the way we manage APIs. Documenting, discovering, registering, and co-creating events and applications is key, but it’s not possible today. In this talk we’ll introduce the concept of an “Event Management Platform” that will perform similar functions to an API Management Platform, but for the event-driven world. We’ll also demo code creation for event-driven microservices using AsyncAPI.