Marc DiPasquale Developer Advocate @ Solace. Software Engineer. UCF CS Alumnus. My apps are usually event-driven and hanging out in the clouds

Publishing Github Java Packages to Maven Central for a New Domain

This post shares the steps necessary to publish Java packages to Maven Central for a new domain when the project is in Github

Reflecting on my First Hackathon

This past weekend I attended my first hackathon and decided I should share my thoughts :)

MakeUofT Developer Workshop & Hackathon

MakeUofT Developer Workshop & Hackathon

Talk at AWS Re-Invent 2019

Go Event-Driven with Event Mesh & AWS Lambda

Solace NY User Group 2019

Solace Event Portal Demo

Developer Workshop at SpringOne Platform 2019

Be Event-Driven with AsyncAPI & Spring Cloud Streams

Talk at API Days SF 2019

API Management, Meet Event Management

Talk at OrlandoDevs Meetup

Building Event-Driven Apps for a Real-Time World

My DevRel Journey Begins

A Public Speaking Success

Talk at MuleSoft Connect 2019

API Management, Meet Event Management

Obligatory First Post

Hello, World.